Trojkurz - Naplánuj, Vybuduj, Vypestuj

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About fitm

Nowadays many people aspire to their own house while retaining their freedom and avoiding to get into a debt for the whole life. We will show you our way to do it!

We are a family with five children. Five years ago, life led us to a situation where we had to quickly solve housing question. Crazy idea in the beginning, to build a mobile house, became a reality. My husband Janči built a house for our family in four months. The house can be loaded on two trucks and moved to another location whenever we need.

Construction costs were 25,000 euros. The low-budget project has became perfect answer for our housing question. It was life-changing and our family live in the house up to now. Why? It´s worth seeing it all in one film, which is practical, exciting and inspiring! You will learn more about permaculture, healthy interior design, sophisticated technologies in and around the house. Moreover you will also hear about how a mini-house can gradually grow into a beautiful and efficient housing.

Five experts and a wealth of valuable information in 57 minutes.