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About us

About us

A family that completely changed their entire lives in 2013. From a standard lifestyle to a life in harmony with nature and joyful family time. We have five children and we are living in an old orchard which we changed into a permacultural paradise. Here we have built a healthy ecological house on our own. Today we are helping people to build their own healthy houses. (Look at our page ) For several years we have been lecturing on topics of life restart, permaculture, healthy living and travelling with kids. What we write and talk about, we also really live, that’s why thousands of people follow us on social networks. We have turned our experience with permaculture and healthy living into the books How to have a beautiful edible garden without a lot of toil, the children’s book Alžbetka and Klárka dreamed of a magical garden, books about healthy living Cozy and healthy home. Our documentary film Happy people live in a healthy house will touch people’s hearts, and mothers will be delighted by the e-book How to cook healthy for children without breaking the bank.

About us
Zuzana Matúšová Girgošková

Journalist, blogger, lecturer and mother of five children. Author of the books How to have a beautiful edible garden without a lot of toil, Alžbetka and Klárka dreamed of a magical garden, Cozy and healthy home. The creator of the film Happy people live in a healthy house. Lecturer of healthy living, healthy interior design and ecological construction courses. Permacultural designer. The change to live in harmony was accompanied by years of study and practice of eticotherapy, psychosomatics, homeopathy and additional courses, so that we could be kind and wise role models in the upbringing of our children.

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About us
Ján Matúš

A civil engineer and a great father to our five children. He received his degree at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Civil engineering department. Currently, he is building more in the practice. By changing his lifestyle and gathering a lot of experience in the field of ecological and natural buildings, he began to realize healthy buildings. He lectures courses on healthy living and conducts workshops on how to build a house on your own. He is the co-creator of the film Happy people live in a healthy house and the book Cozy and healthy home. An expert in permaculture building solutions and mainly a practitioner!

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About us
Our kids

Jakub, Maroš, Matej, Alžbetka, Magdalénka. The people who we changed our whole life for. They worked a lot, really a lot on themselves, on creating our home, their school and kindergarten. Thanks to whom today we have beauty around us at home, wherever our eyes fall. Pure souls who are our biggest motivation not to change others, but to change ourselves!

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An engaging reading about our life story from New Zealand until today.

A documentary film about us, permaculture, healthy living, with which we sold out not only one cinema!

Photos from our family life and permacultural farm.

Our offers


We are building ecological houses from natural materials.

We have created 5 concepts of healthy and efficient houses. We build them from certified straw ecococon panels. They have green grass roof, interior is from natural materials such as wood, cork, marmoleum or clay. They are in a modern, fresh design.

Our clients greatly appreciate our human approach. Our motto is that we don’t just build walls with a roof, we create a real HOME.

About us
About us

Permaculture with LifeReset

Courses about creating beautiful and functional garden

We will teach you how to plan and create beautiful edible garden without a lot of toil. We will teach you to grow your own bio food.

It’s time to dust off all the wisdom of our ancestors so that nature, freedom, health and self-sustainability can enter our lives.

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